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White Lake Senior Center’s staff is dedicated to improving lives by creating relationships.


Programs include transportation, nutrition education, legal help, service navigation, senior center activities, recreation and social programs, meals, dental and denture work, health education and promotion, and much more!

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Trusted Institute

White Lake Senior Center has been a trusted institute for 42 years.

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Learn About The White Lake Senior Center


Years established!

The purpose of the White Lake Senior Center is to enhance the quality of life for seniors citizens by offering programs, services and social activities

If you are a senior looking for a place to meet and socialize, White Lake Senior Center is a great location that offers many different activities.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of programs and services to help senior citizens

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Trusted & Experienced

We help maintain senior citizen independence and vitality and provide a place for seniors to have the opportunity to meet other seniors through social interaction. Programs include activities, educational classes, counseling and support groups, volunteer opportunities, and wellness programs. We help with financial and medical paperwork, transportation to and from the center, shopping trips, outings, and other social services.


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8741 Ferry St, Montague, MI 49437

Board of Directors 2022

Andy Fink, Chairperson 231-955-2807
Martha Dillon, Treasurer
Lillian Morningstar, Director
Tom Mott, Director

Terry Jager, Vice-Chairperson
Barb Nichols, Director
Jim Eastman, Director
Jan Gorecki, Director